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Coffee Brand Opens Eyes With T-shirts

Shock Coffee is a new, hyper-caffeinated coffee made from all-natural beans selected for a combination of taste and high caffeine content - 50% higher than ordinary brews. Not surprisingly, the company puts a lot of energy into promotions, traveling to trade shows, retail outlets and other events in a Hummer decked with branded wrapping, flashing lights and four TV screens.

If that's not enough to grab attention, the company has even hired contortionists for an upcoming event. "We hired some of the actresses from Cirque Su Soleil," says Shock Coffee President Jeff Rosen, "And they'll be doing some contortionist acts and juggling."

Once they grab attention at an event, Shock employees give out samples of their products, as well as T-shirts and caps emblazoned with their logo and catchy tagline.

"We have a T-shirt that says 'Sleep is overrated' on the front, which is our trademarked slogan," Rosen says.

"Basically it's a hyper-coffee, and that's how we came up with 'Sleep is overrated,' because we're trying to keep people up and alert." Since the coffee launched earlier this year, it has percolated its way into thousands of outlets. "We're at about 4,000 convenience stores nationwide," Rosen says. "We're probably at about 600 or 700 specialty coffee shops. We're targeted to go into Duane Reade, which is a major drugstore chain in New York, and we're also going into supermarkets as well."

Sounds like Shock Coffee is opening some eyes – and their T-shirt had definitely boosted their image. "It's been a huge hit," Rosen says, "and we use it in all of our commercials. People come by trade shows, and they just want to buy the shirts."


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