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Shock Coffee Wakes Up N. California, N. Nevada

NEW YORK Select 7-Eleven Inc. stores in the Northern California and Northern Nevada will offer Shock Coffee, a hyper-caffeinated coffee with over 50% more caffeine than other gourmet coffees. In addition to being available online, local consumers can now purchase Shock Coffee's Hyper-Caffeinated RTD Triple Lattes and Mochas at these 7-Eleven outlets. Comprised of all-natural, high-quality blend of beans selected for taste and caffeine content, Shock Coffee is currently distributed in over 8,000 stores in all 50 states.

Shock Coffee has been sold to well-known mass merchants as well as other well-known national retail outlets, said New York City-based Shock Coffee founder and president Jeffrey Rosen. We are excited to bring Shock Coffee to new locations and already our products are being given a welcome reception.

Currently distributed in all 50 states, Shock Coffee is the world's first hyper-caffeinated gourmet coffee comprised of all-natural high-quality beans that are selected for a combination of taste and caffeine content. The product's catchphrase is Sleep Is Overrated.

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