We love our wholesalers!

Without our partners, we would be stuck here on the web... So a very sincere thanks for checking us out and helping to spread the love. We'll continue to offer the finest all-natural high-caffeine coffee, and you continue offering it up to your loyal customers. You scratch our back and we'll scratch yours!



We want you to sell, sell, sell, so we can roast, roast, roast! We're full of incentives, all you need to do is ask! To give you a huge boost and help your sales keep rolling in, we're more than happy to share our marketing prowess to help you increase visibility and traffic. And how do we do that? With giveaways, custom POP displays, and other in-store promotions like posters, banners, and authentic Shock® Swag! Contact us for full details.


Get started

If you're a distributor, please call the Shockline: 888-337-4625 so we can set you up. For shops who are interested in setting up a new wholesale account with us, please  fill out the application form on our contact page.