Customer Testimonials

“I received the swag package! Thank you so much! We brewed some of the coffee today for everyone here to try. I think it’s great! I worked all weekend (at my second job) so I really needed a kick start this morning!!”

- RW

“The air force base nearby (keesler AFB) has a convenience store (AAFES shoppette) that sells the coffee per cup out of the "Shock, Energy Blend" decorative dispenser. I have used 5-hour Extra Energy, Red Bull & standard coffee and feel nothing. This is the only product I’ve used that works.”

- Randy Stoker


“I just wanted to let you guys know that i tasted your beverage 2 days ago for the first time and it is for lack of a better word “AMAZING”!

I was wondering if i could be sent a care package of your product here in Iraq where I’m currently deployed? Thank you.”

- Dwayne Walcott

shock fanatic!

“Just wanted to say I love your Shock Coffee and drink it every day while I’m deployed to Iraq. It’s a great wake me up drink or for those long missions. Again thank you for making a great drink sincerely a shock fanatic!”

- Benjamin Watkins

Your coffee is the best!!

“Shock coffee gets my whole day charged up!

My order arrived and I brewed a pot right away. I have been cranked up ever since!!!!!!! Great tasting,and aromatic coffee beans. Charged up here in VIRGINIA!!!!!!”

- D. Lewis

Greatest Coffee Ever!!!!!!!

“Just wanted to let you guys know that everyone here in my unit loves your Shock Coffee. It was great to know that a company from Woodside, NY (my hometown!!) makes such a great product. It’s a real taste of home for me and my fellow Soldiers here in Iraq. Again thank you so much.”

- SGT Ballard, Iraq

Serving overseas

“My name is Airman First Class Kyle Crook of the 447th Expeditionary Communication Squadron in Baghdad, Iraq. I am writing you to tell you how wonderful your Shock Coffee is, and how the members of this squadron like it so much. Working in Iraq is a long hard job that sometImes people feel like they come up short on, until one day a guy from our unit went and bought a case of your Shock Coffee. When everyone had it for the first time, they couldn’t believe that you could have a delicious and energy beverage in one cup. It really helps to have that little pick me up at the 11th hour of your shift.”

- Kyle Crook, A1C, USAF


“When I got the package I was overwhelmed by the size of the sample and out of excitement showed it to everyone around. The coffee came in big during finals and I will surely be a returning customer. Thanks again and you have a great product.”

- Moshe Spira

Short and Sweet

“The coffee is smooth, taste good, strong. I can get my schooling done, computer homework done, but I still go to sleep on time to wake up on time, this is how it works in my body it’s cool. the Shock Coffee are great because ever since grade school I always had to fight off my sleep when I had a full 8 hours of sleep, the Shock Coffee slaps up my low-blood sugar to learn in class and that kick-ass plz stock in all colleges around the country. Have a nice day.”

- Ronaile Burton

Great Tasting Coffee

“Thank you, I just tried your coffee this morning and had to order some. Not only do I like the extra caffeine but it is really great tasting coffee and that means alot coming from me. Thanks again and I can’t wait to receive my order.”

- John Somers

Many thanks from Iraq!!

“I am currently deployed to Iraq. This is my first time deploying. While on a mission one night, I was introduced to your product. I could not get enough!! Unfortunately, the only time I can find your product is when I go out on missions. I love your coffee drinks so much. They are wonderful and really give just the right amount of energy to get the mission done. Thank you for being such a grand supporter. I have not yet met a soldier who has not enjoyed your drinks.”

Thank you very much,
- SPC. Roberts

Thanks for making a quality product

“I am in the Navy and am currently deployed to Iraq. I have been here for a couple months and I just wanted to let you know that my morning Shock Coffee is the highlight of my day. It is great to get my daily fix of caffeine and not have to drink the sludge that they call coffee in the dining facility (d-fac). I am at a small base here in Iraq and am 1 of 7 Navy members on the base, and we appreciate and enjoy the drinks. Thanks for your product.”

“I am a Master Sergeant with the United States Air force currently deployed to Iraq. I would like to thank you for your Shock Coffee. I was introduced to them while deployed. They have become so popular, we cannot keep them around, or sometImes the cases come up missing due to other units swiping them. It’s all about where is the Shock Coffee! I am hooked and so are the other members. It is a great product and we all appreciate it. Keep up the great work and thanks again.”

- Master Sergeant - Kirkuk, Iraq

Great Coffee

“I’m currently deployed to Africa and recently had the pleasure of drinking a cup of your coffee, and please allow me to tell you that it is hands down the best coffee I’ve had. And let me tell you being in the navy I have had and tried a lot of different coffees. I just wish we had more of coffee. But anyway just wanted to let you guys know you now have a customer for life. Thank you.”

“My name is Charles Broy, and I am the physician for the 1st Division 1st Cavalry Squadron currently deployed in Iraq. Our Squadron has received some of your Shock Coffee drinks as well as the Shock Coffee and greatly enjoyed them. As you know, we are in a high stress environment and sleep is a precious commodity. Thank you so much for making these products available to my troops. I was wanting to reward some of my soldiers with your Shock Coffee, and I was wondering if you shipped to an AKO account.”

Thank you very much,
- MD

The best coffee i have ever had!!

“Just wanted to thank you for the care package. The guys and I really enjoyed it. It means alot to us that you took the time to send us some great stuff. Thanks again.”

- Sgt. Ron - Baghdad, Iraq

“Oh My Goodness! I have been Shock’ed! And I LOVE it! Coffee is sacred in my house. Mr. Technosavy, he is a bear before coffee hits his body. Me, I am a zombie. Shock Coffee has an energy blend that has 50% more caffeine than regular coffee for those of you that don’t roll over as a zombie, or a bear, or a total grump… and just like a cup of good coffee.”

- Jill Bean -

Shock Coffee Keeps The Troops Alert!

“Thank you for this wonderful and delicious new product. I just had some of your Shock Coffee and love how they keep me alert here in Afghanistan. This product and all your products are a great way to keep the troops here alert and alive. I can’t wait until they start putting them in all of the MREs as a great snack that is also a wonderful way to keep alert. Thank you so much for this wonderful new product...”

- SSG White - Afghanistan

Greetings And Thanks From Iraq

“Just wanted to let the gang at Shock Coffee know that those of us in Iraq enjoy your product. I work as a Paramedic Lieutenant in FDNY-EMS over in Elmhurst Queens in my civilian job. (I am a Reservist on active duty) So, a couple of us here got a kick out of the fact we were getting a NY coffee drink, and from Woodside, NY no less. Anyway, thanks again for putting out a really good coffee drink. We all enjoy it. Best wishes from all of us here.”

- Command Medical Chief Camp KV, Iraq

Thank You Sir

“Your coffee is a big hit with the fellows here. Every morning I make a pot or 2 for any that want some. It is the best tasting coffee I have ever had.

- Mark - CLSS Strategic Partner - Iraq

More from the Sandbox

“I’m currently stationed in Iraq. I wanted to write and tell you how much I liked your Shock Coffee. I work 14 hour shifts, and at night, most of the tIme I’m fighting to stay awake. One of my friends told me about your product, and I’ve been addicted ever since. I like the taste way more than Starbucks. So, thanks for a great product at a great price.”

- An Airmen in Iraq

Seeking a boost in the sand

“I am a member of the Iowa National Guard currently serving in Iraq as a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I tried your product and shared the rest of the Shock Coffee with a couple of my fellow soldiers and am now on the lookout for a retailer. I am stationed in the Al Anbar province of Western Iraq and wanted to know if you have an outlet there. If you have time please let me know.”

- Spc. Wray - Al Anbar, Iraq

Shock For the Troops!

“I saw your product on the news today. As a soldier in Tikrit, Iraq, I was happy to see that soldiers in Iraq have gotten samples of your product already. I asked around my Division Headquarters, and no one here has seen any of your products. I was hoping that whoever you have distributing your products here in Iraq could find there way to Tikrit, and grace the Tropic Lightning Division with some Shock stuff, and make us all Shock-a-holics. I write this in the spirit of a TRUE caffeine addict. Please send some Shock this way!”

- SFC Ronald - Tikrit, Iraq

Comforts of home

“I am serving over in Iraq and your product is big over here it is just hard to get. A couple of us would like to know if you can send us some cases your product. We don’t get much comforts of home out here so we would really appreciate it.”

Thank you,
- St Jean - Iraq

Warning! So good it’s habit forming!

“I am a Marine stationed in Iraq’s Al Anbar province. I conduct convoy missions many tImes a week. Your product has been welcomed by our Marines with open arms. During our prep time, Shock Coffee is our choice of beverage besides water. The state of alertness, especially in the mornings, has definitely increased for our Marines, furthermore you product tastes great.”

- From a Sergeant in Al Anbar Province, Iraq

Warning! So good it’s habit forming!

“I’ve tried a lot of coffee and this one wins on all counts (even over Frappacino). I have to have one every afternoon for a ’pick-me-up’ treat! You will LOVE this, I’m on my 2nd case!”

- Karla

Tasty, isn’t it?

“I am a big fan of Coffee. Other than water it’s all I drink.

So when I found this I had to run with it. It’s cheaper than red Bull, has more power than it. It’s better for you than red bull, and it has a nice flavor that does not leave an aftertaste.

My frig is stocked with it as I type!”

- David from Rhode Island

A note from orbit!

“I picked up a bag from yesterday, and just made a 4-cup pot of Espresso with it. . . So this note comes to you from Orbit! I drink a lot of espresso/cappuccino, and your beans are some of the smoothest that I’ve made an espresso with (and I’m a guy who uses Blue Mountain Coffee to make espresso).

The caffeine kick rocks, and I’m only about 1/4 of the way thru the cup I brewed! I just wish I had this stuff way back when I was in grad school :-) My friends are big espresso drinkers as well, and I plan on sharing the beans with them today.”

Keep up the good work :-)
- Dave

The boost that beats built-up coffee tolerance


Shock Coffee really works! I needed to try a new coffee because my body became so accustomed to the stuff I’d been drinking for more than a year. Thank you!

P. S. I am an athlete (natural bodybuilder and fitness competitor, and Shock Coffee really gives me the boost I need to get through my workouts.”

- Rachelle from Maryland

An Integral Part of a Distributor’s Coffee Program

“At first I was very skeptical about adding Shock Coffee to our line of products! At that time, the "Hyper-Caffeinated Coffee" category didn’t exist. To my surprise, Shock Coffee has become an integral part of our coffee program. Who knew that Shock Coffee would be the next Red Bull of coffee? I attribute our success not only to a great tasting coffee that gives the customer that added kick but to the brilliant marketing and support that Shock Coffee brings to the table!”

- Pine State Trading

Shock Coffee drives sales

“As you know, I purchased The Barista Coffee House about two months ago. On my first day of ownership, I brought in the full line of Shock Coffee. I serve 10 different brands of coffee daily, from flavored coffee to my two house brands: a java and an espresso.

In just two months, Shock Coffee is selling in the number three spot behind the two house coffees.”

- Carl Zeuner - Jazzoo Wholesale

Goodbye sleep, hello Shock Coffee!

“I am a person who loves my sleep. I am always tired and longing for a few extra minutes of shut eye. Last week I heard a guy on the radio talking about a new coffee product, and I decided I would give it a try. I LOVE Shock Coffee!! It has a very smooth flavor, and it definitely has an extra kick to it. Two cups felt more like four. They are to die for! In my world, there is never enough tI’me or energy to get it all done. . . that is going to change. Now I will have the energy I need. Now I will drink Shock Coffee. I have taken other "natural" supplements before that are supposed to give you energy but they always make my heart race. I don’t have that problem with this coffee. I just feel very alert and ready for whatever comes my way. I will be buying more Shock Coffee.

The guy on the radio was right. . . sleep is overrated!"

- Joanie Williams

Shock is a hit with the whole family

“Hi Jeff, Got the package and everything is great. The coffee is the BEST! I let Moby know, and he talks about Shock Coffee every morning. I want to thank you so much - the wife really likes it too!

Thanks Jeff, and God Bless. I hope you sell lots of this great coffee.”

- Dave & Bev Matthews

Shock Coffee is a Mega hit

“Jeff, Thank you very much for sending me samples of your wonderful products! They were a huge hit! We have decided to use your product in my restaurant, which will be opening this summer.”

Best regards,
- Judith Kupferschmid, President - Mega Wraps Utah, Inc.

A hit with the working crowd

“Hey Jeff, I took some Shock Coffee samples to work to try out with my co-workers. Everyone commented on how good the coffee tasted (no bitter flavor) and how much more alert they were - but without the common jitters of other high-caffeine drinks.”

- Jackie Holy Sleepsville Batman!

“1,100 miles from Dallas to Pittsburgh and Fry’s no longer carries my Shock Coffee! What am I going to do??

Quick, somebody find me another source in the Plano/Richardson area so I can get my fix!!”

- David Dunlap

Shock is the BEST coffee

“Every night, I stop at my local Mobil station in Halfmoon, NY. For the longest time, I have been drinking a Green Mountains blend called "Dark Magic". Well, when I came across Shock Coffee - now that was magic! I actually started to perform better at my job because Shock did what coffee should do: taste good and help you stay more invigorated. What a wonderful concept!! And the very nice woman that works at Mobil always has it hot and FRESH, which is an added bonus.

Anyway , just wanted to say how much I enjoy your coffee and that I will be telling the owner, Mr. Weekes, what a great decision he made to carry your coffee.”

Thank you!
- Jeff Monroe.

Shock full of love

“I love, love, LOVE the Shock Coffee! A friend gave me a few packets and a Shock Coffee and I LOVE them. Great for the office!”

- Bridget Tate

“Just had my first cup and . . . WOW. . . it tastes great! Wishing you continued success. I hope this is on the shelves soon.”

- Matthew D. Goebel

Shock Coffee Knocked His Socks Off!

“I am an extreme coffee drinker and usually buy the top end grounds. While deployed to Iraq supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom I came across the Shock Coffee website after hearing about it from a friend. Unfortunately, Shock does not ship to APO addresses, but Serge sent some free samples to my home to ship to me, and I was instantly hooked. Not only did the customer service reply and help me immediately, the coffee knocked my socks off and helped me stay focused to continue performing my duties.”

- Dave M.

Hello Shock Coffee

“My name is SGT CARLOS, I am currently in the US ARMY, and proud to wear my uniform with nothing but pure pride and joy and, I have never tried Shock Coffee but, I was told my some of my other fellow SOLDIERS that it’s a big shocker, so I was wondering, well we were all wondering, could you brighten up our day with some SHOCK COFFEE if possible... not only would you make me happy but you would make many of my SOLDIERS happy, THANK YOU and to show you how much, I want to get your attention, I am enclosing a photo, that I did for you... I hope you enjoy…”

a PROUD SOLDIER who LOVES to wear his uniform…


“Thank you SO much for the samples you sent me. I absolutely LOVE your coffee, and had quite a few friends try it. All good responses!!!! Even from my kids! lol. That was a great thing for you to send me them, as I will definitely look for Shock in stores! Do you know what chains carry it? I go to one store religiously, but would go to another JUST for this coffee. It’s the BOMB ;)

Please let me know, and keep me in mind for any product testing you may have coming up LOL”

- Liz from Michigan

You have spoiled me!

“Wow! I cannot possibly go back to drinking normal coffee now! I think if I tried I would fall asleep at work! You have a great brew here!”

- Tom from Philadelphia

Lovin’ The Shock Coffee! !

“I am a small business owner and I work for a packing company from 11pm to 8:30 am and I have found that Shock Coffee are the only thing that keeps me energized through my entire shift.”

- J from CA

From a coffee lover !

“A trained eye would see that Shock Coffee is a blend of Arabica & Robusta coffee beans! Just like many other ingredients, there is good and bad Robusta & Arabica beans. Wines are made from different grapes and it’s the individuals’ pallet that distinguishes between good and bad. In Europe the coffee bean of choice is Robusta as they appreciate a stronger and bolder coffee.

With that said, I’d recommend Shock for anybody who wants that extra kick with a better than average taste. I’d also like to reiterate that Robusta beans are given a bad rap but the truth stands that some Robusta beans have a great robust taste - no pun attended!”

- A Big Coffee Drinker from New York

Behold the power!

“If you need a BOOST it’s here!! tastes great and gives Immediate energy! I love it!”

- Naomi from New York

This girl was up all night!

“So, I drank the coffee today. It really kicked other coffee’s butts. At first, it was the taste that surprised me, because I expected it to be bitter but it was actually very smooth and robust. Here’s where it gets ya; I had my cup at 4:30, it’s now 9pm and man am I wired. I can smell colors. . . I can leap small buildings in a single bound. . . and I actually had a conversation about the space time continuum today. So definitely buy this stuff. It’s no joke. Serve it at your coffee house, and I guarantee you’ll get repeat customers out of it. Thanks shockman!”

- Carrie from Pennsylvania

Shock Coffee: surpassing expectations in the heartland

“There are few things better than the feeling you get when your internet purchases don’t just meet but exceed your expectations. Shock Coffee did just that! I can’t wait to share my good fortune with my friends!”

- Jackies - Idaho

I LOVE Shock!

“Mr. Jeff, Hello, I received some of your Shock Coffee for Christmas from my friend and. . . WOW! I’ve only made one pot. . . but I love this stuff, so I went searching and found ya. I saw the tab "work for us" and went nuts! The thought of working for you guys would be awesome! I am located in St. Louis, Missouri and am currently attending college (thank god for this coffee!!!) for my Information Systems degree in Microcomputer Support Analysis and minoring in Business. Please let me know!”

Thanks + God Bless,
- Greg Precht

Fight Crime with Shock

“Shock, I wanted to tell you that I just started my crIme fighting morning by drinking a cup of your coffee. I bought a cup at my local coffee house, JoJo’s Java. Your coffee ROCKS!!! The bad guys will have to run a bit faster today as a result of me trying your coffee.”

- D/Sgt. Richard Thompson
MDEQ- Office of Criminal Investigations

Shock makes host’s morning

“Good morning Kathy, I just wanted to let you know that the interview with Serge went well! We will be airing it a couple of times this week in different drive times. We also got the shipments and we all collectively LOVE the Shock Coffee!! And the Shock Coffee is the best drink of it’s kind. . . PERIOD!!

Thanks again for the interview and please keep us in mind on anything upcoming in the future.”

- Darren Stevens
Morning Show Host/APD WBFJ-FM

The beans with the buzz strike again!

“Shock Coffee is the first energy coffee drink that after tasting, I was buzzin’! This stuff is great. The tagline "Sleep is Overrated" is right on target.”

- Marshall Goldberg

Shock gets full coverage!

“I am an Insurance Agent, and I attended the ’06 Insurance Expo in Athens, GA. I tried some of your products and really enjoyed them - especially the Shock Coffee.”

- Wesley Reynolds

Best coffee ever. Period.

“Shock, Best coffee ever. Period. I haven’t slept in eight days. I think my chair is trying to eat me. Seriously though, keep up the good work. Are you going to come out with more flavors? I’d kill for something cinnamon-y.

Thanks from all of us at Graphic Arts Monthly. Deadline was no problem. Productivity was up 600%.”

- Nick Bajzek
Editorial Staff/Graphic Arts Monthly

“I love this coffee. It really ROCKS!”

- Judith Tyler

I’ve been a new man ever since

“Hey, my name is Jeff. I’m a 27 year old Shockaholic from Long Island, New York. I’ve been a coffee drinker for a few years and needed something with a little more oomph. The espresso drinks from Dunkin Donuts are either crap, or waaay too overpriced to even bother. Some chick at my job brought me a bag of Shock Coffee one day and told me about the hyper-caffeinated brew. Damn, I’ve been a new man ever since. A buck twenty-five for a 16 ounce cup of Shock whoops my ass right into the day, and in turn allows me to whoop the day’s ass. Proper.

You’ve got an incredible product that I plan on telling everyone about. I’ve been hooked for a couple of weeks. Every day I stop at Woodbury Culinary Deli and grab a cup before work. Sometimes on the way home from work, if I have band practice and know I’m gonna need something to help me rock.”

Don’t change a thing,
- Jeff Warsaw

Cyclist meets hyper-caffeinated coffee

“I am a cyclist at Arizona State University, and just happened to go with my aunt (who resides in Jersey) to the NYC Fancy Food Show this past weekend as she is a retailer there. I just wanted to comment on your products, since everything was incredibly delicious. The coffee had kick - just the way I like it. Keep up the excellent work!!”

- Tyler Pike