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Shock Wakes Up The NBC Today Show

Hyper-caffeinated coffee featured on morning TV

April 20, 2005

NEW YORK -- Shock, the hyper-caffeinated coffee containing over 50% more caffeine than traditional coffees, was featured yesterday morning on NBC's The Today Show.

Hosts Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, Natalie Morales and Al Roker sampled the brew, said to be the first coffee of its kind, created with the most potent blend of coffee beans ever assembled, according to the company. Among the Shock items displayed during the segment on The Today Show coffee table were airpots, and actual coffee poured into cups featuring the Shock logo.

After drinking one of the Shock chilled beverages, Roker jokingly began to announce the weather forecast with an unusually rapid-fire delivery. The hosts spent several minutes talking about the product. Shock coffee is comprised of beans selected for a combination of taste and caffeine content, the company said. The blend was created over a long testing period with secret roast specifications. The product's catch phrase is Sleep Is Overrated.

With the introduction of Shock Coffee and its related products, we have created an entirely new niche category within both the hot and chilled beverage industries, said Jeff Rosen, president and CEO. The beverage is targeted particularly toward a young, upwardly mobile and very active demographic.

We are taking specialty coffee to a higher level, touted Rosen. You might say we are the Red Bull of coffee.


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