Ground 2.65oz


After all the hype, you're still not convinced!  Give this freshly grounded 2.65oz bag a try and we'll throw in free shipping.  This trial size bag will brew up to 2 pots of coffee.  Either you love it or your money back! 

For future ordering this style 2.65oz packaging is a great way to go!  Our 1lb bags are great and vacuum sealed but it's pretty awesome to have a "never opened" fresh bag of Shock Coffee every day!  

Once you open a bag of coffee the air has a negative impact on quality and it could take up to a week to finish.  Trust us, once you go this route you'll never go back to those larger sized bags.

These 2.65oz bags otherwise known as frack packs come in 6 packs which is the equivalent of a 1lb bag.  A more economical option is our case of 40 - 2.65oz bags which is the equivalent of 6.6lb's of coffee.