The Strongest Caffeinated All-Natural Coffee

  • 1lb ground


    What can we say about our signature line of award-winning HIGH CAFFEINE coffee? It's the most butt-kicking, strongest all-natural, best tasting coffee on the planet! It's not bitter, it's not sour and its not weak! That's why we've been featured on T...

  • 12-pack


    Now available! It's easier than ever to enjoy your SHOCK Coffee with our all-new single-serve K-cups, made especially to work with Keurig™ brand coffee makers! Each contains a full .44oz of ground coffee and nothing else... ensuring a consistently st...

  • 6-pack


    Feast your eyes on the freshest, most convenient way to get your coffee fix, ever. Each of these little devils packs up to a pot and a half of our signature high-caffeinated all-natural coffee into every pouch, making your morning routine as easy as...


Get your hands on some authentic SHOCK® Coffee brand paraphernalia right here!

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