✔ Shock Coffee Espresso is our best tasting blend to date!.  Smooth Bold Flavor - Milk or Cream Optional. Travel to Italy not required!

✔ Extra Caffeine comes from Select Specialty Beans. Shock Espresso is 90% Arabica (for taste) and 10% Robusta (for caffeine kick). All Natural - No Artificial Caffeine

✔ Wake Up, Work Smarter, Play Harder with Extra Kick in Every Sip.

✔ Select Shock Coffee products are served on 350+ U.S. military bases worldwide. Used by troops to stay alert during Iraq and Afghanistan incursions

✔ Shock + Gym = Focus better, Lift more, Run faster, Spin longer, Lose weight & Feel really good while drinking an amazing Cup of Coffee

✔ Our coffee is small batch roasted which gives you the freshest cup possible

✔ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. No Hassle Returns if You Don't Instantly Fall in Love
    ✔ 1 Year shelf life